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10 best one pot recipes for meals you can make today


Call it what you like – a one pot meal, a one pan recipe, slow cooker recipe, crockpot meal?!? 

Whatever you decide a one pot meal is something magical. It’s easy to combine great flavours, it’s fuss free and (now for the best bit) you create minimal washing up. The fact that everything you’re eating cooks together ensures a rich taste, and big plate of comforting food waiting for you the other side.

Meaty, vegetarian and vegan meals all do great – I’ve focused

What is a one pot meal?

A one pot, to me, is one of either two things…

A one pot meal might be an all encompassing recipe, where everything from your carbs, to your veg and protein and chucked in a pot and all you have to do the other side is scoop out and serve.

On the other hand, a one pot recipe might be something that takes a bit more work and is eaten with a simple side that needs a tiny bit of extra prep – like toast or couscous.

Now - on to the one pots!

best one pot recipe sausage and bean

1. Sausage and bean casserole

What makes this the best one pot recipe?
This is an absolute classic and as such there are masses of options to choose from. What I love about this recipe is that it's great on the stove top, and produces a great casserole in very little time. But the ingredients all work if you chuck them in a slow cooker making it a super versatile recipe!

(credit to BBC good food for the image, click for link to recipe)

one pot moroccan chickpea quinoa

2. Moroccan vegan chickpea and quinoa salad

What makes this a great one pot recipe? Moroccan flavours are MADE for being in one pot. The classic tagine is the perfect example. Whilst delicious they can take a lot of time and effort, and are often fairly heavy and rich meals. Not so with this quick and easy, light and refreshing meal - the moroccan spicing with classic fruit and chickpeas gives you the taste you're expecting, but the light and fluffy quinoa makes it unique and interesting! (Credit to ambitiouskitchen.com for the image, click for link to the recipe)

huevos rancheros quick mexican baked eggs healthy

3. Huevos rancheros - aka Mexican baked eggs in bean chilli!

What makes this the best one pot meal?

Firstly, apologies for the self-promotion in what otherwise seems like a perfectly non-egotistical post. But I love this meal. It's a great brunch, but also a great afternoon meal for one. It's so easy, yet so tasty - and let alone one pot, this just needs one bowl. You can eat from the same thing you cooked in! #winning. Vary the spices as you like them, add sides if you're hungry, and enjoy these one pot mexican bean chilli eggs.

curried root vegetable one pot

4. Curried root veg

What makes this the best one pot recipe?

Root veg is delicious when combined and slowly stewed. This take on curried root veg isn't the simplest in terms of ingredients, but it incredibly tasty. When I've cooked it in the past I've swapped and changed the veg around - carrots, turnip, swede, parsnips, potato and sweet potatoes are all delicious.

Credit to fromachefskitchen.com for the image, click for recipe!

Simple one pot mushroom risotto recipe

5. Easy one pot mushroom risotto

What makes this the best one pot recipe? Risotto is one of the ultimate comfort foods, and pretty much by definition a tasty one pot recipe. This simple one pot risotto recipe is great. It shows off the cracking taste of mushrooms, making a smooth rich risotto, without having to slave away for hours. Credit to allrecipes.co.uk for the image, click for link to recipe.

6. Roast chicken leg one pot, with potatoes and artichoke

6. Roast chicken leg one pot, with potatoes and artichoke

What makes this the best one pot recipe?
Roasting your veg with your chicken is an age old strategy for incredibly tasty food. Using chicken legs in this recipe means you get all the delicious juices from the brown meat of the chicken permeating through a delicious array of potatoes, and artichoke with hints of mint to lift the taste as well.

Credit to countryliving.com for image, click link for recipe.

7. Easy paella one pot recipe

What makes this the best one pot recipe?

Everyone loves a paella, but it takes a lot of care and attention, a lot of spices or some expensive pastes, and special 'paella rice'. Doesn't it? Well... no! This recipe uses standard long grain rice, one pot, getting amazing flavours from good quality chorizo and beautiful colour from turmeric - you can easily modify it to include different veg, chicken and seafood if you want, but whatever you do you'll find it quick and easy!

Credit to bbcgoodfood.com for the image, click for link to recipe.

Greek salad pasta one pot easy recipe healthy and tasty

8. Quick greek pasta salad with yoghurt dressing

What makes this the best one pot recipe?

Yup, that's right. Another of my recipes has snuck in here. But just look at it - an easy pasta salad, with the amazing tastes of Greek food throughout and a thick yoghurt dressing to finish the meal off with a creamy 'mmmmmmmm'.


Slow cooker mac and cheese one pot

9. Slow cooker 'Mac and Cheese'

What makes this the best one pot recipe?

It's mac and cheese in a slow cooker! This is an ingenious idea, and it really works. What makes this brilliant is that you do just bung everything in at once at the beginning, unlike a lot of slow cooker pasta recipes that have you adding pasta in at the end. They give great tips on how to handle your slow cooker too, and a couple of warnings on not cooking it forever (it's not one for an overnight cook!) but follow their recipe and you'll end up enjoying what comes out the other side.

Credit to thespruceeats.com for the image, click link for recipe.

Homemade healthy lean turkey meatballs in tomato sauce russian

10. Russian meatballs, aka 'Tefteli', in a rich tomato sauce

What makes this the best one pot recipe?

Lean protein, juicy meatballs, rich sauce, healthy rice - delicious. This recipe takes a little bit of hands-on work to craft your meatballs, but when that's done you are good to go - just let the meatballs bubble away in their sauce, everything getting richer and tastier by the minute. One of my favourite recipes to date!

And yes, I've stopped apologising for self-promotion...

11-12 bonus recipes:


Thanks for reading this far. As you can see I’ve linked a few other great sites with inspiring recipes in here, I’ve tried to credit them clearly and ensure that I’ve linked accurately to their recipes. If anyone isn’t happy with this please get in contact and I’ll make sure I change it!

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